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What do you guys want next? Anime Reviews? Science related topics? Or any other topic suggestions?

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be a quickie! Please vote for whatever you want. If you guys want me to cover another topic, feel free to comment the suggestion in the comments section!

Again, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time off to take this poll. I will value each and every one of them. Thank you very much!


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Does Boiling Water Freeze Faster Than Room Temperature Water?

Does boiling water freeze faster than room temperature water? What do you guys think freezes faster? Boiling Water or Room Temperature Water? Put your answer in the comments section below!

Image result for cup of boiling water                                Vs.                                   Image result for cup of water

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Attack on Titan Season 1 Review

Hello everyone! My name is Eric and this will be my second review on Attack on Titan. Previously, I did a huge summary on episode 1 of Attack on Titan because of its importance to the show. Today, there will be a detailed analysis on how the overall plot is, how well the show handles action, variety of characters, and how unique the anime is. Let’s get started!

Image result for attack on titan cover
Attack on Titan Volume I Manga Cover

Again, if you want to watch the anime, I will let you have the choice to read my blog or not. But just as a warning….. THERE MAY BE SPOILERS! DO NOT PASS IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE WHOLE STORY THROUGH WATCHING THE ANIME!!

Image result for spoiler alert

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Attack on Titan Episode 1 Review


Hello everyone! This is my first review of an anime and the first of a new series!

For those of you who do not know what Attack on Titan or what anime is…. Anime is an animated Japanese cartoon ranging from various categories. Attack on Titan is an action/horror anime although it is not focused on horror but more on action.

Beware! Do not cross if you’re afraid of spoilers!

Image result for spoiler alert

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