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Attack on Titan Episode 1 Review


Hello everyone! This is my first review of an anime and the first of a new series!

For those of you who do not know what Attack on Titan or what anime is…. Anime is an animated Japanese cartoon ranging from various categories. Attack on Titan is an action/horror anime although it is not focused on horror but more on action.

Beware! Do not cross if you’re afraid of spoilers!

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Image result for Attack on Titan Cover
The Attack on Titan Cover

Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin, is classified as a dark fantasy genre anime since it is very violent but not just in a brutal way.

I will do an full analysis on the first episode only because this is very important. In my next reviews, there will be details about the characters and the plot.

Story: To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1

Long ago, there were large creatures called titans who recklessly ate up humanity without any motive or empathy. The only trace of humanity resides in 3 tall, concrete walls surrounding the whole city, Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina. Wall Maria is the outermost wall, Wall Rose is the wall in the middle, and Wall Sina is the smallest as well as innermost wall there is. Eren Jaeger, the main character, lived in Shiganshina with his mother Carla, his father Grisha, and his adoptive sister Mikasa.

Image result for Attack on Titan Walls
The Walls

It was already 100 years since the titans attacked the city. Many of the “soldiers” who protected the city were unprepared to fight titans because of the probability of another attack. Eren even vexed a lot of the soldiers for the amount of commitment dedicated to actually defending the city. Responses to Eren were all based on the same rationale, if the titans were going to attack, wouldn’t it have already happened. All of the soldiers then regretted their decision the day the Colossal Titan came.


Image result for colossal titan
The Colossal Titan



Image result for Colossal Titan Wall Maria
Colossal Titan compared to Wall Maria







The Colossal titan unexpectedly appeared in front of Shiganshina. Although it was not unique to have titans against the wall, it was very unique to have a titan being taller than that of the wall. Not only was the Colossal Titan able to look over the wall but the Colossal Titan was the only one which had the ability to do so.

Citizens Shocked by the Scenario

Everyone saw the Colossal Titan as it stood just as tall as Wall Maria. Subsequently, the Colossal Titan demolished a hole in Wall Maria letting in the titans which have waited their whole life to do so. As the titans roamed the city, all the humans ran for their lives. Just as brutal as always, the titans picked on humans to munch on to satisfy their hunger. Once all of the citizens saw the dehumanized creatures pick the humans one by one to eat, all of the citizens ran for their lives to get to the boat leading to the next wall.

Image result for titans inside the wall
Citizens fleeing Shiganshina


Rather than running away from the titans, Eren and Mikasa pursued the havoc to find Eren’s mother. Previously before all of the destruction, Eren promised himself he was going to join the Scout Regiment although he did not want to tell his parents about his plans. Mikasa told the parents about Eren’s plan causing Eren to squabble with his parents. His parents were not satisfied with Eren’s pretention to join the Scout Regiment. Carla even went as far as to say Eren needed some common sense in his head. With Eren not being happy about what his parents had to say about him, he decided to leave the house. Mikasa followed along under Carla’s word to help protect Eren. Those exact actions were what Eren regretted a few moments later after seeing his mother crushed under her own house.

Image result for eren's mother death
Carla Stuck Under the Debris

Combining all of Eren and his friends’ strength was not enough to lift the debris off of Carla. To make matters even worse, Carla’s legs were crushed leading to help being the only option. Unfortunately, time was not in their favor. Out of no where, a titan comes and  finds all 4 human beings to devour for a tasty snack. One of the soldiers quickly ran to the scene to try and help the people get out of the city. Even though this man was a soldier, he was still terrified at the thought of facing a titan. Approaching closer and closer, Carla came to realize she knew this man and his name was Hannes. Hannes decided he could not leave Carla just lying there for the titan to devour. Crying, Carla tells Eren to run with Mikasa and for Hannes to help take them there. Stubborn to actually care about his own safety, Eren keeps on trying to lift up the wood. Carla tells Eren he never listens to her no matter what the situation is and Eren was going to disobey his own mother’s last words. The whole dispute was put to a halt to see the titan towering over the little human beings. Hannes grabs both Eren and Mikasa leaving Carla grateful for fulfilling her wish. Eren tried to jolt away from Hannes flailing his arms everywhere but Eren knew there was no way out of this. As Hannes was running away, Eren gasped as he saw the titan pick up his mother. Ripping the head right off was a sure way to show everyone she was dead. In despair, Mikasa and Eren watched the titan swallow the mother splattering blood all over the ground.

Image result for titan eat mom
Carla Helplessly Being Devoured

This without any hesitation is the most significant part of the first episode because it showcased Attack on Titan’s brutality. For those who were aghast from this scene and did not care to watch the rest lived without actually knowing Attack on Titan was not all about this. Ending with this scene definitely put people on edge to figure out what happens to everyone else in the world.


Attack on Titan is my favorite anime because of all the variety of characters, action scenes, and plot story there is. Just like almost every other show, there is the comic relief, the ambitious one, futile, and so many other characters. 3-D Maneuver Gear is one of the signatures of the show because of how well it delivers attacks. Alongside heroes defeating and conquering realms of titans, death occurs a lot too. When it comes to death, Attack on Titan is not the typical show because many people die. If you guys like action, horror, character development, and ANIME, Attack on Titan will not fail to deliver you the full package.


Thank you so much for reading my review and I hope you check out my other posts.


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