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Attack on Titan Season 1 Review

Hello everyone! My name is Eric and this will be my second review on Attack on Titan. Previously, I did a huge summary on episode 1 of Attack on Titan because of its importance to the show. Today, there will be a detailed analysis on how the overall plot is, how well the show handles action, variety of characters, and how unique the anime is. Let’s get started!

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Attack on Titan Volume I Manga Cover

Again, if you want to watch the anime, I will let you have the choice to read my blog or not. But just as a warning….. THERE MAY BE SPOILERS! DO NOT PASS IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE WHOLE STORY THROUGH WATCHING THE ANIME!!

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Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is an anime which premiered in April 2013. Classified as a dark fantasy and apocalyptic genre, Attack on Titan does not fulfill wishes of those wanting an anime to keep their jovial mood. (Just a heads up) If you want to keep your happy thoughts, I recommend reading some of my other reviews because this show is brutal. NOW!!!!!! LET’S GET STARTED!

Plot: During the beginning of the anime, the creators did not demonstrate the plot of the anime well leaving people to believe Attack on Titan was just about destruction. Although the creators started introducing the plot later, it was not a good hook for those who were horrified by all the carnage. Attack on Titan’s plot primarily revolves around Eren, Mikasa (Eren’s Foster Sister), and Armin (friend) escapades as soldiers protecting humanity from the treacherous titans.

   Image result for Mikasa


Eren Yeager                                                     Mikasa Ackerman

Image result for armin arlert
Armin Arlert

After Eren lost his mother due to the Shiganshina attack, he then put forth the idea to join the military vowing to eradicate all of the titans. Five years had past since the incident and all three of the main characters graduated from the military training as cadets placed at the Trost district. One of the most distinct characteristics of Attack on Titan came from Eren’s death as he sacrificed himself to save Armin from being eaten.

Image result for eren getting eaten
Eren Taking Armin’s Place

Most shows have never gone as far as to kill the main character more so during the beginning of the show. Everyone was shocked to see Eren dying so early and the show just continued. Back to the anime…… There was a particular titan which seemed to be out of the ordinary because it opposed other titans as well as ignoring humans. Later on, the creators reveal this is actually Eren being the abnormal titan roaming around without caring to eat the humans. Humanity feared Eren because he could have been a threat. Eren was placed on trial under the Survey Corps Special Squad leader, Levi. Anyways…. Since I don’t want to spoil too much, I’ll stop right here.

So? How good is the plot and how unique is it?

The plot is pretty much the same plot as much action anime until Eren “dies”. Everything seems to be fine until there is one villain who creates the reason for the adventure. But there is nothing wrong to be in the ordinary.

I give Attack on Titan’s plot an 8/10.

Is there enough action?

There is more than enough action in Attack on Titan for those who have patience in action. Some of the most exciting fight scenes are only put out during the end of the story and occur rarely in the anime. In my own opinion, there is a perfect amount of action in this anime because there is actual story in between the fights. For those of you who just want to see action in an anime, I would not recommend Attack on Titan but instead recommend Dragon Ball Z. Of course, within the action there is lots of gore and blood which some people may not be the most comfortable with. But I am super satisfied with how Attack on Titan handles the amount of action because it has some plot to it.

I give Attack on Titan’s amount of action a 10/10.

Is there a variety of characters?

Attack on Titan’s character variety is pretty massive ranging from the useless, dumb character who always comments on things, to the fan favorites, and of course, the prodigy. For those of you who do not know, Attack on Titan has a lot of characters to know about. Here’s just a small portion of characters:

Image result for attack on titan characters
Some Characters


Eren is the stubborn and ambitious character who always tries to achieve goals never upon his reach. While he is the main character, the show likes to emphasize how Mikasa is a better soldier than Eren. Normally, main characters are the strongest and have some sort of power (which he kind of does), but we’ve seen time after time people who are better than the main character. Sasha provides us with the comic relief and became one of the most iconic characters in Attack on Titan being known as the “Potato Girl”. Levi and Mikasa serve as the prodigies in the show because of their serene attitude as well as the actions to show their power. Armin doesn’t serve a real purpose in the show since he normally acts as a burden. One of the flaws I do see in the Attack on Titan characters is the character development. The creators of Attack on Titan seem to cater to the fans on who they want to see the past of such as Eren, Levi, and Mikasa. For this reason, it does have to bring my rating of the variety of characters down.

I give Attack on Titan’s variety of characters a 8/10.


Overall, I would have to say this is a great anime for those who want action yet at a controlled level. This is my favorite anime of all time and for those of you who want to know, my favorite character is Mikasa. I would definitely recommend this anime to everyone who doesn’t always want the show to be about comedy yet still have some funny moments added during times. Therefore, my final rating on this anime is a 9/10.


Thank you so much for reading my reviews! I hope you liked the way I analyzed everything. Be sure to click the subscribe button to be alerted when I post up my next review! Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comments section talking about what topics you might want me to go over later on. Again, thank you so much and I hope to see you again!




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