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Video of the Year Award Prediction

Hello everyone! I’m going to start off my new category in music by predicting who might win the VMA awards this August. Since my knowledge in different music genres is limited, I will only discuss a couple of the categories which can be analyzed by myself.

To kick things off, let’s talk about the Video of the Year award.


  Adele: Hello

Image result for 25 Album Cover

 Drake: Hotling Bling

   Kanye West: Famous


Beyoncé: Formation


Justin Bieber: Sorry

Image result for purpose the movement Album cover

 Who do I think will win Video of the Year Award?

Although this choice might be very controversial, Formation should win the Video of the Year Award. Formation tackled topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement whereas most of the other videos did not have a central message. Adele’s video of Hello was not the main part of the song since the vocals inside the song were what made Hello famous. Speaking of famous, let’s talk about Kanye West’s song, Famous. Famous had a very controversial video as well as choice of song lyrics. Since I’m just a teenager, I need to refrain from watching those kinds of videos so the knowledge I possess of Famous is all just from news articles. Still, the video of Famous did not have any meaning to it. Hotline Bling was very famous for its dance inside the cube-like structure. Other than the dance, there was nothing more to the video. Sorry’s music video was nothing other than hot girls dancing. In essence, Formation should win the Video of the Year Award because of how good the video itself is. If judged by the song (which is a different category), I would give it to Adele but because Formation has such a good video。 I give this one to Beyoncé.

Video of the Year Award Prediction:

Beyoncé: Formation


Thank you so much for reading my blog. Put down in the comments section if you guys want more posts like these? Don’t agree with my prediction, put which video you guys think will win! See you later!



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