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Top 10 Attack on Titan Characters

Hello everyone! Based on the polls, it seems anime is the leading category in the polls. Thanks to everyone who voted for the poll. Now, let’s get started on my first top 10 list! There may be spoilers too!

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How powerful are they?

How likeable is their personality?

How many fans they have.

#10 Erwin Smith

AnimeErwin Smith is one of the main parts of the Survey Corps being the commander. He led the last expedition outside of Wall Maria before the havoc. In one of the OVA’s, Erwin was able to fight off Levi in a physical fight. Although Erwin may not have too many fans, he does have a very firm decision on things and is not scared to speak what is on his mind. #10 goes to Erwin.


#9 Armin Arlert

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Armin Arlert is a childhood friend of Eren who decided to go with his friends to join the military. Armin is not the typical type of soldier in the military since none of his physical attributes fit those of a regular soldier. In the class, he barely made it past the combat test but was best academically along his peers. Whining is one part of his personality which is why this main character is docked down to this spot. Armin tends to state the obvious but does have the gut to speak what is right. The factor of power is unique in Armin’s case since his best skill is strategizing plans which brings him to #9.

#8 Hanji Zoe

Hanji Zoe is the Interim Commander for Erwin Smith who’s one of the fan favorites in the Attack on Titan universe. She’s very passionate and dedicated to learning more about titans. Often times, she starts schemes without thinking about all the dangers or possible bad outcomes when it comes to learning more about titans. Once meeting Eren, she became totally invested into knowing a lot more about the human to titan transformation.  The anime does not show much of Hanji’s fighting abilities which is a factor I’ve chosen but her personality just wins the crowd over. Since we do know too much about Hanji’s fighting skills, she stays at #8.

#7 Petra Ral

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Petra Ral was part of the Special Operations Squad led by Captain Levi. Just by herself, Petra was claimed to have killed 10 titans solo as well as 48 assists  which was much more than the majority of the soldiers. She had a quite normal personality compared to those around her since she did not lash out a lot at people. Unforunately, she was killed by the Female Titan along with her comrades while trying to protect Eren. Out of all of the deaths which occurred in Attack on Titan in the anime series, Petra’s death was the majority of the fan’s choice to revive. Ms. Ral also was shipped with Levi which created more a fandom for Petra. With all of the fans Petra has, #7 belongs to Petra.

#6 Jean Kirstein

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Jean Kirstein is part of the 104th Training and was ranked 6th place in the whole class. His personality is somewhat more likely to occur in society than most personalities shown in this show. Not afraid to speak his mind, he tends to shout during instances when angered. Jean doesn’t get along with people similar to his personality such as Eren. His powers are average compared to other people such as Eren. Mr. Kirstein does have a decent amount of skill, a relatable personality, and a lot of fans. Therefore, #6 is the right place for Mr. Kirstein.

#5 Annie Leonhart

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Well, well, well…. If it isn’t Annie. Annie is part of the 104th Training Corps who made an impression in the anime to be the quiet girl. As skilled as she is in combat, she does not have any crazy ambitions such as those of Eren’s. Her personality resembles one who’s actions speak for itself which contributes to her introverted life. Annie put Eren in his place when she beat Eren in a hand to hand combat fight. Overall, she placed 4th place in the whole entire being beaten by Mikasa, Reiner, and Bertolt. Later on in the anime, she reveals herself to be the Female Titan, who killed Sonny and Bean (The test titans Hanji captured for learning more about titans), Petra, Aruro, Eld, and Gunther just to name a few. This reveal definitely was one of the most iconic scenes in the anime as well as one of the most known traitors in the anime universe. Hands down, one of the smartest villains in the whole anime universe.

#4 Sasha Blouse

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Sasha Blouse has to be one of the most iconic characters from Attack on Titan going under the alias, Potato Girl (She ate a potato during one of the drills). She loves eating and is always ready to eat something someone was about to throw away. There was then a meme created about Sasha Blouse which went viral all over the internet. Back to how she was in the anime. Her powers were not the main attribute in her skills in fighting the titans but it was her strategies used to defeat the titans which made Sasha unique. Ms. Blouse grew up in a forest which helped her build her instinct to how it was during the days when needed. The reason why she ranks so high is from how iconic she is and the amount of impact she had on the Attack on Titan universe.

#3 Eren Yeager

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Eren Yeager is the main character in the whole Attack on Titan series. Ambitions to join the military started off when his mother was victim to the titan attack. In order to avenge his mother, he decided to join the military to annihilate all the titans from the world. His personality is very short tempered for he needs to always be reminded by Mikasa to stay calm. Eren “died” in one of the earliest episodes of the anime leaving the viewers to think a show killed off the main character. The anime made him come up to life by giving him to ability to titan shift from human to titan. This became one of the iconic scenes of attack on titan because it shows Eren is not an ordinary soldier. A solid #3 for the main character!

#2 Levi Ackerman

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This decision was a tough one because it took lots of debating in my mind to choose Levi to be #2. First place would belong to either Levi or the person in 1st place. For those of you who do not know, Levi is the head of the Special Operations who had a very distinct personality. Germaphobe is a title which belongs to him because of how far he would go to keep himself clean. Arguably the most powerful soldier of humanity, Levi is known for his grip on the blades allowing him to kill more titans than most at the time. Alongside being powerful, he has a very interesting personality (to the viewer), and is one of the biggest fan favorites.

#1 Mikasa Ackerman

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All hail Queen Mikasa! The adoptive sister of Eren claims spot #1. As one of humanity’s strongest soldiers, she never fails to show off how cool she is. #1 and #2 can be reversed but they’re both always the top 2.  She always has a stoic expression in her face at all times unless Eren is in danger. In the whole cadet class, Mikasa was number one showing skills worthy of challenging those of Levi’s. Officers of the army even said Mikasa was worth 100 men in battle. When fighting the Female Titan 3 times, Mikasa always managed a way to hurt the Female Titan without being killed which was something the Special Operations Squad wasn’t able to do. Mikasa simply dominates all of the factors having such a huge fan base, skills worthy of a hundred men, and a very cool personality. #1 goes to MIKASA!!


Thank you guys so much for reading my first ever Top 10 List! Who is your favorite character? What do you guys want next? Comment down in the comments section below!

I hope I see you next time!






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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Attack on Titan Characters

  1. I too agree but my favorite character would be Levi, his skills are unbelievable! Besides, It makes sense Levi COULD be swapped for #1 place. I mean, the ackerman family are pros and are very very very skilled like Mikasa, and Levi. Even considering that Mikasa is one of the top strongest of her group, and Levi being the most skillful, best at titans, and the strongest man for humanity! Again thanks for the top 10, but can you do soul eater? I think that would be cool too, thanks!!!


    1. Honestly, it’s a tough decision and those two are pretty much interchangeable. I’ve never actually seen Soul Eater but I’ll definitely try my best to watch/read it and make a Top 10 List for Soul Eater. Thanks for reading!


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