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I Need Advice

Over the past few days, I’ve been wondering whether or not I should create different websites geared towards different topics or should I keep one blog with several topics. Also, if anyone would be willing to tell me how to set up a design where I can have several pictures in my home page where it would show a picture of anime and once they click the anime picture, it directs them to all my anime posts ever.

The question is, should I stay with one blog with multiple topics or several blogs with one topic each?




Eric is my name and I’m just an average teenager with weird interests. There’s the nerdy part of my life full of math homework, essays, and checking stocks. But…………. there’s the weird part of my life where I watch YouTube, listen to various music artists, cook random things, and watch anime. My blog will consist of topics based on my obsessions or daily life. Be sure to check out my blog for recent posts!

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