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Ever Seen This?

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about something I encountered while I was in a place called Banff.

During my excursion to Banff, Canada, my family and I wondered what these structures were towering above us as we drove under it. Was it a bridge? A mini tunnel? The structure you see there at the top is called a wildlife crossing.

A Wildlife Crossing in Banff

Many of you guys may be wondering what purpose a “wildlife crossing” is supposed to serve. Wildlife crossings are built to decrease the amount of damage done to the environment caused by roads. Roads divide the surrounding environment into two areas instead of one united piece of land. Animals would not have the resources on the other side of the road, families may have been separated during the construction of the roads, pollution damages the wildlife, and roads increase chances of deaths just to name a few. Not only do roads harm animals, roads also hurt human beings. According to sources, incidents involving deer and vehicles have caused over a billion dollars in vehicle damage.

Image result for wildlife crossings Banff
Aerial View of a Wildlife Crossing

Fortunately, engineers have been able to formulate a structure to decrease the amount of harms done to the environment. Rather than just crossing the road, animals cross the wildlife crossing to ensure it does not have any conflicts with the cars. Although it does not solve the pollution problem, wildlife crossings help the vehicle problems hugely since animals do not cross the road. Banff is one of the only places to ever view these types of structures in the whole world. Even if other places have the wildlife crossings, the wildlife crossings will not be frequently encountered as it is in Banff.


If you ever see these types of structures, tell your parents about it as you’re in the car. The next time you see these types of structures, now you know!

Thanks for taking time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed this new type of posts I’ve written. Did you guys know about these wildlife crossings? Ever wonder what they were? Put you answer down in the comments section.

I hope to see you in the near future! Bye!




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2 thoughts on “Ever Seen This?

    1. I agree with you. There should be more wildlife crossings. Yesterday, I just saw a dead bird on the road since it god run over. The reason for the lack of these wildlife crossings is because lots of places are really inhabited for so many animals. But there still should be. Wildlife crossings are a very creative idea. Thanks for the compliment!

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