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America’s Got Talent Winner!!!!

If you’re like me, the only reason I paid attention to America’s Got Talent was because of this young girl named Grace VanderWaal. On September 14th, Grace VanderWaal had won America’s Got Talent becoming America’s Got Talent’s youngest winner of all time.

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Grace VanderWaal’s First Appearance

For those of you who do not know too much about Grace VanderWaal’s success on America’s Got Talent, here’s a small summary. VanderWaal won over many hearts the first time she stepped onto the stage. Few people ever sing an original but Grace felt confident and sang her original “I Don’t Know My Name”. “I Don’t Know My Name” instantly catapulted Grace VanderWaal to social media and went viral in a matter of just one day.  Here’s the video of her first audition:

Receiving the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel also helped spread Grace VanderWaal’s name out there. Each judge is given one golden buzzer to use each season which immediately sends the contestant straight to the live shows.

Later on, Grace continued to amaze people with her stunning original, “Beautiful Thing”. I can only imagine how much pressure Grace was under since the performance was the most anticipated of the night. All of the lyrics sure were a beautiful thing. Here’s the performance:

In the semifinals, Grace showed her songwriting and musical talents could not be stopped. Delivering a different style song, “Light the Sky”, compared to her past performances was not a failure for it was very pleasing to the ear and cool to see Grace try something new. During the middle of the performance, she showed a much softer melody which I personally loved. Semifinal’s Performance:

For the finale, she performed another original (how surprising?) called “Clay”. The song “Clay” was in my opinion was the most vocally challenging. Grace belted several times sustaining notes she never showcased before in the show. Supposing ever wanted me to show a video of her best vocals, Clay would be the performance I would show. Grace’s Finale Performance:

America’s Got Talent season 11’s last show is the most competitive group of finalists through whole series. Ms. VanderWaal chose to sing the song which started everything,  “I Don’t Know My Name”. To be honest, Grace’s first performance was better than the performance in the finale but Grace had a lot of pressure for this performance. Her last performance:

Grace VanderWaal won the whole competition this year and it was well deserved. Not only does she hold the title of an America’s Got Talent winner but has also pocketed 1,000,000 dollars as well as her own performance at Las Vegas. The million dollars is not going to last for long because Grace wants to be featured in an episode of Tree House Masters to build her a tree house.

Congratulations to Grace!!!!! Right from the start, I had this feeling Grace was going to win the competition and I sure was right.

Thank you everyone for taking the time out of your own day to read this blog. Do you guys like these types of posts? Any topic suggestions? Did you guys know about Grace’s win? Anybody watch America’s Got Talent these past weeks? Put your answer down in the comments section below. I hope I get to see you later! Bye!




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