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Song of the Day

Time to bring out some anime music! Today’s song of the day is from the anime, Fairy Tail. Not only did the anime itself get me hooked, all of the openings always kept me on for an extra 1.5 minutes. Sense of Wonder is the second opening of the Fairy Tail series about the fights between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. Using more of an inspirational style lyrics, this song shows the joyous experiences of teamwork and how things will always get better if you work as a team. In the video, we see Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Erza all teaming up to beat Phantom Lord demonstrating the lyrics.

I really hope you guys enjoy this amazing tune. Currently, I’m listening to a bunch of the Fairy Tail soundtrack while doing my homework! Hope I get to see you guys later! Bye!




Eric is my name and I’m just an average teenager with weird interests. There’s the nerdy part of my life full of math homework, essays, and checking stocks. But…………. there’s the weird part of my life where I watch YouTube, listen to various music artists, cook random things, and watch anime. My blog will consist of topics based on my obsessions or daily life. Be sure to check out my blog for recent posts!

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day

    1. Yeah. Same here. This song got me so addicted to the whole show just in general. I could already feel emotions of teamwork before the episode even started. I’ll be sure to recommend more anime songs!

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