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Song of the Day

How many of you guys grew up with Disney? Well as a 00’s kid, I didn’t get to experience many of the classics Disney had to offer. But I sure did watch Mulan. The seen where the leader of the Huns gets pinned down by Mulan and gets shot with a bunch of fireworks have probably been replayed 100 times on my TV screen since I loved this movie so much. Today’s song of the day is, Reflection.

Image result for Reflection Mulan cover
Cover of Mulan’s Soundtrack

As I was looking down my recommended videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon MsMojo’s list of Top 10 Disney Princess Songs. Reflection took the number 3 spot which was well deserved. During my toddler days, I did not appreciate the actual emotion put into each of these songs but now, things have changed. In the video, Mulan is realizing the conflicts in her mind on whether she wants to live life how she wants to or obey traditional family lifestyles. Just this song already touched me more than the Patriot movie which was about the American Revolution. I really hope you guys listen to this song because it will just bring back nostalgia of your childhood or even teach you more about Disney songs!

Like what you saw! Have any song recommendations for me to listen to? Any different topics you want me to write about? Put it in the comments section down below! How to see you later! Bye!




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