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Attack on Titan Season 2 Trailer

Anyone here a Attack on Titan fan? Well if you are not, you do not know what you are missing. When I heard the news about Attack on Titan Season 2 finally coming out, I immediately went onto YouTube and typed in Attack on Titan Season 2. Whoever has been catching up with the series should know this anime has been on hiatus (a pause or a gap) for over 3 years now. I only found out about this phenomenal series about a year ago but since then, I am obsessed with this anime. I especially feel bad for those who have been waiting since the last episode of season 1 aired. This season seems much more focused around the titans than the actual humans itself which is a good thing since several of my friends always want to know more about the “villains”.. Hmmm……….. Is it so? Are the titans considered villains? In the trailer, the narrator reveals some of the titans were helping the whole time. Since I’ve scrolled through the YouTube comments section quite a lot, I’ve found out some spoilers from the manga which I wish I did not see. But since I want you guys to watch this anime, I won’t tell you guys anything. If anyone is interested in learning about the show or just want an overview about the whole show, I will link my blog posts down below for you guys to see.

Here’s the trailer:

Honestly, I cannot be more excited! This anime has kept all of us waiting and it’s about time they’ve released the trailer for this. Attack on Titan Season 2 is coming out in April, 2017. Thank you so much for reading this blog post. If you guys are excited and want to see more of these kinds of blog posts, leave a comment down in the comments section and give this a like. See you guys later!

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