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Moana Summary Part 1

Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged in a while but today is the day where the “no-blogging days” streak ends. Several days ago, I watched the Disney princess movie, Moana which is about a girl named Moana who goes beyond the boundaries of the island she resides on to save Motunui (the island she lives on).

For anyone who wants to watch this movie, I recommend read this after you watch the movie. But…… if you just want to read your way so that you get to engage in conversations with your friends or at school instead of watching the whole 113 minute video, then you’re at the right place! Since this is a movie and it’s quite long, I’m going to split this summary up into parts so it doesn’t crash my computer or your computer by how long it is!

Just warning you.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Image result for spoiler alert


Born as the daughter of Chief Tui, Moana grew up as a normal child on the island, Motunui. Immediately when Moana was placed into the world, her father already had plans for Moana to become the next chief of Motunui. Growing up, she was restricted from crossing the barrier of the reefs to venture out into the ocean. Instead, her parents wanted her to focus on learning to become a great leader. But her temptation of entering the vast ocean kept leadership training out of her mind but made it into a “ocean-seeking” mindset. Even when she was a toddler, she always had an interest in the ocean… and so did the ocean for her.

Some of you guys may be confused by what I just said.

Image result for moana gif
Your face right when you guys read that.

In this movie, the ocean has life, it can manipulate its own shape, and do various tasks to cater to whoever it had a fondness of. Te Fiti’s Heart, a shiny, emerald colored stone which belonged to the island goddess, Te Fiti, was brought forth to Moana when she was little. This stone was stolen by a man named Maui who later on lost the stone causing all the islands made by Te Fiti to be cursed.


Image result for Te Fiti's heart
Heart of Te Fiti



Image result for Te Fiti
Te Fiti




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This would be quite useful if done the right way!

While her father was putting more and more pressure on Moana to be the heroic leader this island needed, Moana’s grandmother, Grandma Tala, was the sort of the catalyst for Moana to fill her desire for the ocean. Grandma Tala was the island’s “crazy woman”;so her love for the ocean was unique but also frowned upon.

Moments later, Moana’s leadership skills are tested as people of the island report their crops have gone bad and there are no more fish around the whole island. Moana reassures everyone this scenario was just a one time thing and could be quickly resolved. One of her ideas was to travel beyond the reef to capture more fish but was immediately condemned by her father. Sina, Moana’s mother, told Moana about the story of her father going beyond the reef. Just like Moana right now, Chief Tui had this desire to venture about beyond the reef to explore alongside his best friend. It wasn’t long before the two found out why going beyond the reef was prohibited for they were hit by waves much powerful than the ones bordering the island. Both of them were knocked off of their rafts into the water. Sadly, only Chief Tui made it out alive, forever ingraining those memories into his head. When Moana heard this, she immediately realized the ocean was not just a playground. It wasn’t long until this fear diminished. Moana stood proudly on her raft as she set out to explore the ocean. But of course, Moana did not expect of what was to come. A part of the ship was sliding off due to the colossal waves; Moana tried to grab it but ended up tipping the whole boat. She fell off the raft and her foot got stuck under a rock underwater. In act of desperation, Moana grabbed a stone and smashed the rock to free her foot. Moana was washed up onto the shore and woken up by Grandma Tala. Grandma Tala sees Moana’s  wound which Moana tries to hide from her. Things took a turn as the grandma reveals a secret part of the island holding various sailboats once used by her ancestors. Her ancestors were voyagers.



Thank you guys so much for reading this blog post. If you guys like these types of posts, go down to the comments section and ask for more! I hope I’ll see you guys later! Bye!









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