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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1 Summary and Review

Many of my friends have been talking a lot about this anime and have sung the opening to it. I myself have listened to TheIshter’s piano version of the opening and it was epic. Let’s get started on the review.

News of ghouls attacking the city started to arise and people started to get scared about going outside in fear of getting attacked. A building was infiltrated by a binge eater who ended up killing everyone on the same floor level. Meanwhile, the main character, Kaneki, was talking with his friend, Hide, at a coffee shop about a girl he had a crush on.

Image result for kaneki human
Kaneki (Before the incident)


Image result for Hide Tokyo Ghoul








When the girl went into the restaurant Kaneki and Hide were inside trying to formulate a plan to get the girl to talk to him. This girl and Kaneki both decided they would have a dinner the night they met to get to know each other. Dinner finally came along and Kaneki tries to enjoy a nice meal.


Image result for rize tokyo ghoul
Kaneki’s Crush

The plates of food the girl ordered were untouched since the girl said she wasn’t very hungry. Both of them went outside to take a walk but it turned into something much different. Her eyes turned black with a red speck, she bursted out talking about her wanting to eat Kaneki, and she turned psychotic. Kaneki’s crush, Rize, was the binge eater who ate everyone in the building which was on the news.



Image result for rize tokyo ghoul
CRAZY RIZE (That’s her name)

Kaneki’s life was almost at the end until of course (main characters cannot die), a construction zone falls on her killing Rize. They are both taken to the hospital where Rize had died but Kaneki was still alive. Since his organs were ruptured, they replaced his own organs with Rize’s. The next day, Kaneki woke up in the hospital bed with a weird feeling. He felt it was probably just because of the whole situation which had happened just a night ago which made him feel kind of weird. When he arrives home, he eats the food given from his best friend but gets a nauseous feeling in his stomach to immediately vomit it back up. Again, he tries some other food but wants to get it out of his system again. Just like Rize, Kaneki’s inner ghoul comes out but his human self tries to fight the desire of eating a human. A ghoul’s meal is human flesh but a human could never grasp the idea of eating a fellow human. Ghoul vs. Human. For a while, his inner ghoul took over his mind and he traced the scent of a human only to find another ghoul trying to feast on it. Then, Kaneki became human again which made him a target for the ghoul because the ghoul felt Kaneki trespassed his territory. Luckily, a waitress at Anteiku, the coffee shop, named Touka came across the sight of the ghoul who was bullying Kaneki. Touka counters saying the territory was Rize’s territory and it didn’t matter. Kaneki just stared with such a fearful expression after realizing he needed to eat a human in order to satisfy his hunger. Touka tries to make Kaneki eat but Kaneki’s human self refuses to. But Touka, as a ghoul herself, knew the pain a ghoul would experience without eating anything. The episode ended with Touka forcing a piece of human flesh right into Kaneki’s mouth. How nice huh?


Well there you have it! This is my summary but time to review the first episode.

Quite gory! It was very bloody and much more psychotic than what I’ve seen before. Whenever I think of gore, I think of Attack on Titan but Tokyo Ghoul may have been more bloody than Attack on Titan. The animation is quite average I’d have to say but that’s not a bad thing. In essence, it was a very bloody and gory way to kick off the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul. There seems to be the normal set of characters. Kaneki (the naive but ready to be awesome character) Touka (the introverted but coolest character) Hide (unaware of his best friend and is almost just a really small side character).
Anyways, thank you guys so much for reading this blog post. If you guys want me to do the same thing for season 2 of Attack on Titan, give this post a like and write a comment in the comments section. See you guys later!



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