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A Poem For Mikasa

At my school, we were required to write several poems for English class because we are in a poetry unit right now. The inner weeb (anime fanatic) came out and I wrote a poem about my favorite anime character of all time…. MIKASA ACKERMAN! I hope you guys like it.

“A Girl Named Mikasa”



As a young little girl,

Still as a daughter, was all alone.

She lost her parents,

And it seemed like she was on her own.


She was still the same girl,

Who watched her parents die.

But that was not the last time,

She would see death flash before her eyes.


No longer the frail and fragile girl,

She was hailed as a hero.

Eren, her love, was taken away from the world,

Then she went down to zero.


Now as a depressed girl,

She killed everything in her sight.

People believed she could get through this,

And thankfully she was right.


Back to the heroic girl,

Eren had come back to life.

Who knew this girl,

Could be so brutal with a knife.


While she is still the same girl,

And has suffered some losses and wins,

Her name,

Is Mikasa Ackerman.

I hope you guys liked it!





Eric is my name and I’m just an average teenager with weird interests. There’s the nerdy part of my life full of math homework, essays, and checking stocks. But…………. there’s the weird part of my life where I watch YouTube, listen to various music artists, cook random things, and watch anime. My blog will consist of topics based on my obsessions or daily life. Be sure to check out my blog for recent posts!

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