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New Era of the Office

What is an office without a cubicle? THIS ONE! I know…. It seems kind of weird for an office to not have cubicles but there’s a reason for this. Companies all over the world are starting to exclude because it would create a more social environment rather than secluding everyone to their own cubicle. You can look at another article published by SeattlePi which went over why companies were starting to abandon the cubicle right here:

Now let’s get started on our tour through a renovated office!


2017-06-10 12.52.17
Putting in a little bit more art into an engineer’s life

The picture you see above is actually a special art piece added by the designer which was supposed to be the centerpiece of the whole office. It’s definitely different than what most offices have!


2017-06-10 12.39.10
Overview of a Whole Section of the Office

Here we have a view of how the people are divided without using cubicle like structures. Some of you may be thinking you’re still sectioned off like a cubicle. Well yes….. You still need some kind of privacy with a software engineering job but it’s not as secluded as before.

Image result for cubicles
An example of an average cubicle

By the way, the picture of the average cubicle is not how the office was before but it’s just a similar example of how the office looked before. As you can see, it’s a lot less confined to one person per cubicle but more so everyone shares one long desk with walls to make it almost seem like you’re taking a test.


2017-06-10 12.38.43
Inside one of the divided sections

This is my father’s desk and as you can see, it has the typical pens in a cup with another cup for coffee!!!!! There’s two computers since one is not enough for a software engineer. But it sure is a change.


2017-06-10 12.40.49
Inside a Conference Room


Software engineers don’t just stay in their chairs the whole time! They need to actually socialize and not just stay inside their cubicles the whole day which was the reason companies took out the cubicles. Those gray squares you see on the table are actually places where you can hook up a device to display on the TV for everyone to see.


2017-06-10 12.45.52
A Focus Room


You need to have a meeting with just another person no problem! The are focus rooms around the office for you to engage is a productive discussion. You can also draw on the whiteboard behind you if you need to demonstrate something!

2017-06-10 12.49.12

Inside the office, there’s also a place where you can just relax with your co-workers.


2017-06-10 12.49.34
One of the coolest chessboards I’ve ever seen


Down for a game of chess?


2017-06-10 12.59.58
Game Room


Bored? Well there’s a TV and retro arcade game in the back! (goes on a 30 minute rampage of playing Street Fighter)

WELL THAT’S IT GUYS! HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS! This was just something I wrote about since this has been a new uprising and it has finally hit me. See you guys later! Bye!








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